Ben's Sister, Identity
New identity for Ben's Sister, designer & maker of bespoke leather accessories. Becky (who incidentally has a brother called Ben) has always had a love/hate relationship with the apostrophe in her logo and at one point wanted to get rid of it. Instead we decided to make it the focus of the identity by using it as an angular logo mark. 
The apostrophe is reminiscent of a cut end of a silk ribbon, and is used as a tab at the top of any page, screen or material the logo sits on. The apostrophe also inspired the many tag lines which accompany the logo in different pieces of communication. These can have practical uses, such as ben's sister [THANKS YOU] on compliment slips or [MADE THIS] on the product labels, or they can be more playful, such as [SAYS HI] on business cards or [IS CRAFTY] on various marketing materials. 
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