What we do
We will ask you a lot of questions, we will listen, and then we will create a bespoke plan to suit your needs.
Our services broadly fall into two areas:
1. Brand Strategy
When we talk about strategy we’re often talking about brand purpose. We believe every piece of communication should relate to the core idea of why the business exists. We run workshops to help tease this out, so we can use it as the foundation upon which everything is designed. This creates coherency. Which in the words of Wally Olins, means every aspect of what you do and what you are, reinforces everything else.
Strategic Services -
Brand landscape analysis / Brand positioning / Brand Naming / Brand Purpose Workshop / In-depth interviews / Employee & Customer Surveys / Mission, Vision Statements & Brand Values / Tone of voice & Copywriting
The WMT Brand Purpose Model
We Mean This Brand Purpose Model
2. Design & Branding
We want your brand to be both distinguished and distinguishable. How it looks, feels, moves and sounds all add up to something that either means something to it’s audience, or falls flat. We take great care in crafting work that is meaningful.
Design Services - 
Brand identity / websites / apps / social media toolkits / merchandise / corporate stationary / emailers / corporate literature / product packaging / presentation templates / event collateral / advertising: print & digital / illustration & iconography / animation & motion. 

E:  info@wemeanthis.com
T:  07977 079247
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